Jeremy J. Blum


Contact Information

Email: jjb24 (at) psu (dot) edu
Phone: 717-948-6686
Address:  255W Olmstead
Department of Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences
Penn State Harrisburg
777 Harrisburg Pike
Middletown, PA 17057


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Jeremy J. Blum is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at Penn State Harrisburg (PSH). His research interests falls broadly within the areas of computer security and the inter-disciplinary area of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Within the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems, he has a dual focus on the scalability and security aspects of vehicular wireless communication and agent-based optimization of computationally intractable transportation network problems. Most recently, through a collaboration with the electric power industry, he has begun research on the computer security in critical infrastructure other than the transportation sector.

Prior to PSH, he worked as a Research Scientist at the Center for Intelligent Systems Research (CISR) at the George Washington University. At CISR, he worked on research projects to support a range of intelligent transportation systems and advanced vehicle safety. This research included drowsy/fatigued driver detection, intelligent speed adaptation, data mining of vehicle structural and accident record databases, and inter-vehicle communication. Prior to this, he worked as a programmer for ten years in commercial and academic settings. At Oakhurst Systems, for example, he led the development of shrink-wrapped, sales-force automation software.


  • D.Sc. in Computer Science, The George Washington University
  • M.S. in Computational Sciences (Applied Mathematics), The George Washington University
  • B.A. in Economics, Washington University in St. Louis

Teaching - Selected Courses Taught

  • Cmpsc 430: Database Design
  • Cmpsc 438: Computer Network Architecture and Programming
  • Cmpsc 444: Secure Programming
  • Cmpsc 462: Data Structures
  • Cmpsc 463: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Cmpsc 475: Mobile Applications Programming
  • Cmpsc 497: Data Mining
  • Comp 517: Computer Security

Selected Publications

  • Kwon, D., Shankar, V., Oh, J., Venkataraman, N., and Blum, J. "A Behaviour Based Framework for Assessing Nonmotorized Exposure for Safety and Security Analysis," Road Safety and Simulation International Conference (RSS2013), October 2013.
  • Shankar, V., Kwon, D., Venkataraman, N., and Blum, J. "A Joint Model of Relative Risk of Exposure and Pedestrian Flow Measures," Road Safety and Simulation International Conference (RSS2013), October 2013.
  • Blum, J.J., and Mathew, T.V., "Implications of the Computational Complexity of Transit Route Network Redesign for Metaheuristic Optimization Systems," IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 6 (2), pp. 124-31, June 2012.
  • Blum, J., and Mathew, T. V., "Intelligent Agent Optimization of Urban Bus Transit System Design," ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 25(5), pp. 357-69, September/October 2011.
  • Blum, J., Natarajan, R., and Eskandarian, A. (2010) "Synchronization Challenges in Media Access Coordination for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks," Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing, 11(7), pp. 954-63, July 2011.
  • Blum, J., Sridhar, A., and Mathew, T. (2010) "Origin-Destination Matrix Generation from Boarding-Alighting and Household Survey Data for a Large Multi-modal Public Transit System," Transportation Research Record (TRR), Journal of the Transportation Research Board, pp. 1-8, December 2010.
  • Blum, J. and Okusun, P. (2010) "Privacy Implications of the Traffic Probe Message Service," IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, 342-347.
  • Blum, J., Scullion, P., Morgan, R., Digges, K., and Kan, C.-D., "Structural Attributes of the Striking Vehicle that Control Aggressivity toward the Struck-Vehicle in Frontal Collisions," International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury Conference, pp. 189-99, Sept. 2009.
  • Arhin, S., Eskandarian, A., Blum, J., and Delaigue, P. (2008) "Development and Evaluation of an Advanced Intelligent Speed Adaptation System," Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, 222(9), pp. 1603-14.
  • Blum, J., Scullion, P., Morgan, R., Digges, K., Kan, C.D., Park, S., and Bae, H., "Vehicle Related Factors that Influence Injury Outcome in Head-On Collisions," 52nd Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, 10 pages, Oct. 2008.
  • Blum, J. and Eskandarian A. (2007) "A Reliable Link Layer Protocol for Robust and Scalable Inter-Vehicle Communications," IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 8 (1), 4-13.
  • Hoffman, L., Lawson-Jenkins, K., and Blum, J. (2006) "Trust beyond Security: An Expanded Trust Model," Communications of the ACM 49, 7.
  • Blum, J., Eskandarian, A., and Hoffman, L. (2004) "The Challenges of Inter-Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks," IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 5(4), 347-51.
  • Blum, J., Ding, M., Thaeler, A., and Cheng, X. (2004) "Applications of Connected Dominating Sets in Wireless Networks," Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization, D.-Z. Du and P. Pardalos (eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 329-69.
  • Blum, J., and Eskandarian, A. (2004) "The Threat of 'Intelligent' Collisions", IEEE IT Professional, 6(1), 24-9.
  • Blum, J. and Eskandarian, A. (2002) "Enhancing Intelligent Agent Collaboration for Flow Optimization of Railroad Traffic", Transportation Research: Part A, 36(10), 919- 30.

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Blum, J. J. (Principle Investigator), "RoboMetrix Remote Control App," RoboMetrix, LLC, 2014.
  • Blum, J. J., "Adaptable HoneyPot Systems for the Protection of the Power Grid from Computer Security Attacks," subcontract from the NSF-PFI grant at Penn State Harrisburg (Dr. Marian Walters, PI), 2011-2012.
  • Blum, J. J. (Principle Investigator), "In-kind Contribution of Equipment for Adaptable Honeypot Systems for the Protection of the Power Grid from Computer Security Attacks," Novatech LLC, 2011-2012.
  • Blum, J. J. (Principal Investigator), "International Research Fellowship Program: Intelligent Agent Optimization of Transit Route Network Design", National Science Foundation, 2008-2010.
  • Blum, J. J. (Principal Investigator), "Investigation of Communications Considerations in the Simulation of VII-Enabled Applications", George Washington University, 2007-2008.

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